Here’s a screengrab of a video with a link to it on YouTube: Many publishers will not find this to be adequate, because users have to click away from your web page in order to view the video. However, if this is sufficiently functional to give people a preview of what they will see if they click on the link, then maybe we can use progressive enhancement to embed the video in the webpage using javascript, for people who have javascript enabled.




Here’s one of my favorite photos I’ve taken in Philadelphia. It takes up the full width of the screen, escaping from the boundaries of the body text. We insert it into the text using a custom Hugo shortcode: {{<imgfull src="schuylkill.jpg" alt="alt text">}} And here’s a nice shot of a Sunrise Movement action in Providence, Rhode Island that I was lucky to be at. It only takes up the width of the body text, leaving more space on wider screens.


Link test


I’m an inline-style link

I’m an inline-style link with title


My Dark Mode CSS

code css dark mode

Here is the CSS that powers this theme’s dark mode. First, we define some colors as CSS variables:


My Second Post

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My First Post

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